July 2013: Pop-Ups in Paraguay

In the course of writing a research paper to help promote strong reading habits for kids through pop-up books, Augusto Ramirez, a 24-year-old student from Paraguay, created the TallerCreaLibros Project in 2012. About the project, Augusto writes:

“TallerCreaLibros comes from Spanish language and it literally means “a workshop that creates books” (Taller = workshop; Crea = that creates; Libros = books). The project was adopted by [a local Paraguayan] Public School; it comprised six two-hour sessions where nineteen students aged 10-12 and their families developed their own pop-up books from scratch. The kids and their relatives wrote the stories, did the artwork, built the pop-up figures and designed the covers with the assistance of IYF volunteers and fellow classmates of mine.

The experience was both overwhelming and empowering. Most of the parents told me they would like to have more TallerCreaLibros this year; one of them even said that all of this was “magical” and that his daughter was enormously excited to be part of it (she even cried once out of emotion). The school’s principal was also very satisfied and she showed the brand new pop-up books to the district’s educational supervisor, who was very willing to replicate the workshop in other schools as well. More than anything, the participants – mostly coming from disadvantaged backgrounds – discovered that their hands and imaginations have the power to create realities beyond limits. TallerCreaLibros surely left an impression on many of them.

I would like people to know that pop-up books can have a tremendous impact on nurturing a strong reading habit, especially in children.”


See more photos of the workshops at Augusto’s flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/augustopy/sets