July 2009: Bells School Library – Pop-Up Book Circulation

Karen Criscillo is a librarian at the Bells Elementary School Library in New Jersey, and she has figured out a way to allow the children to check out delicate pop-up books from the library.

Recently at an event, Karen gave Robert a sample of her pop-up book circulating system, which helps protect the books as much as possible when they go to the children’s homes. We think it’s a great idea – if you’re a librarian, perhaps this will help you circulate pop-up books at your library too!

Besides the pop-up book, the bag contains a note for the child, a letter to the child’s parents, and a parent signature sheet.

Note to the child:

I am a fragile book and I need to be treated carefully. Please keep me safe and dry in my plastic bag. ONLY take me out of my plastic bag when you are reading me. PLEASE, DO NOT LOSE MY PLASTIC BAG. I MUST be in my plastic bag when you bring me back to the Library.
Thank you.”

Letter to the child’s parents:

“Dear Parents,
This year, as a new service to the children of Bells School, the Library will be circulating pop-up books. Last spring I met Mr. Robert Sabuda, the creator of the most well-known moveable books. He asked me if I circulated the books and I replied that we did not due to the fragility of that type of book. He urged me to let the children take them home and I have decided to do so with the understanding that the parents are aware of the books and will sign the bottom of this letter. Turning the pages gently and being very careful when closing the page with the pop-up section folding down with no bent edges will help the book to last longer.

We are providing a bag for the book to be kept in during the time it is in your home. Please place the book in the bag when it is not being read. These books are works of art and to be enjoyed. The Bells School Library staff wishes you a happy reading experience.

Thank you for your cooperation!
Most Sincerely, Karen L Criscillo, Librarian

Your child has this pop-up book: The Christmas Alphabet
Please sign the attached page.”