Japan: Takaaki Kihara

Takaaki Kihara, Niitsu City, Japan

email: kamiwazakihara@aol.com
website: Takaaki Kihara’s Gallery

Mr. Kihara began to learn origamic architecture ten years from the creator of the art form, Masahiro Chatani. As a trained architect and engineer, Mr Kihara is regularly employed at the Construction Company in Niigata but origamic architecture is his passionate avocation. He has conducted workshops for children throughout Japan and in 1995 led a workshop in Seattle WA for the national meeting of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.

In 2000 the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum placed Mr. Kihara’s pop-up design of the Sydney Opera House in its collection. Mr Kihara is the co-author of Origamic Architecture Goes World Famous Buildings. In 2001 his master pieces were displayed for the exhibition of the Origamic Architecture at American Craft Museum with Masahiro Chatani, Keiko Nakazawa, Ingrid Siliakus and Marivi Garrido.
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