India: Anant Naryaman

Anant Narayanan, India "I will be 54 years old on 5th April. I have always been interested in craft work right from my childhood. I have done a lot of aeromodelling and other crafts over the years. I got interested in popups when I was surfing the web for information on origami and other papercrafts like popups and Origamic Architecture, as my younger son Shivaram who is now 19 years is an origami expert and a member of Origami USA. I regularly see almost every important popup craft site on the web to see new developments. I learned all the various mechanisms from the web and also bought books by Duncan Birmingham, Mark Hiner, Paul Jackson and Rob Ives (Paper Automata) through the net and taught myself the various mechanisms. When I was confident I did some popup promotionals and invitations for various organisations and friends. I love popups because it has elements of engineering as well as art. The amazed look on the faces of the people when they open a dramatic popup is the best compliment one can get. I hope to popularise this art in India and am working on a popup book of Indian folk tales. I am sure popups will never lose its popularity simply because it is visually so exciting and brings out the child even in adults when they receive a popup card or book." Back to the International Pop-Up Gallery

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