Get a Paper Engineer

If you have a professional pop-up project and are looking for a paper engineer, here are a few designers specializing in pop-ups:

Becca Zerkin at Becca designs pop-up books, advertisements, greeting cards and toys.

Kyle Olmon at Kyle creates great pull-tab and 3D pop-ups.

Renee Jablow at Renee lives in Los Angeles and specializes in novelty formats, pop-ups, and packaging.

Bruce Foster at Bruce specializes in terrific 3D pop-ups.

Andy Baron at Andy specializes in amazing pull-tab mechanisms.

Petrina Case at Her website is Petrina specializes in llustration and paper engineering.

Mary Beth Cryan at Her website is Mary Beth specializes in illustration and paper engineering.

Iain Smith is a paper engineer in the UK. He can be found at

Keith Finch is also a UK-based paper engineer. His website is