Dear friends,

Recently in the New York Times I came across an article with a headline about an orphanage.

“Orphanage” I thought, “do those still exist?”

I discovered that not only do they still exist, but the article about this particular orphanage was one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve ever read. What sticks in my mind so clearly is that the article stated that all the children’s beds did not have pillows.

How can a child’s bed not have a pillow?

Through a series of contacts I was put in touch with a small group called the CCRFund who is determined to help improve the lives of these orphans. is now also fully committed to this endeavor and I hope that you will be too.

After all, when was the last time you slept without a pillow because you didn’t have one?

Thank you for reading this,

Robert Sabuda


What is the CCRFund?
The Caucasus Children’s Relief Fund (CCRFund) is an American non-profit charity dedicated to providing food, medicine and basic necessities for two destitute orphanages in the former Soviet republic of Georgia. As a developing nation emerging from Soviet domination, Georgia has few resources to spare for its neediest citizens, orphaned and abandoned children.

CCRFund had its beginnings in 2002 when Chuck and Edythe Stromme delivered medical supplies donated by the concerned women of Anchorage, Alaska to the Dzegvi Orphanage complex near Tbilisi, Georgia. Upon arriving at the orphanage they were shocked at what they saw in the doctor’s supply cabinet. Two boxes of Band-Aids and a bottle of Miracle-Gro (yes, the garden fertilizer).

At CCRFund’s second orphanage, Telavi, the children had no books, no pillows and often times, no electricity. The children bathe in cold water in a tin tub.

Both orphanages have no budgeted support. Zero. The government of Georgia is too poor to provide for them. The orphanages are run entirely by volunteer staff including the director, doctor, cook and maintenance helpers. They all live on site in essentially the same conditions as the children.

What does the CCRFund do?

CCRFund helps the orphanages by using donated funds to buy medicine, food, soap, blankets, clothes and even a few toys. Every child and staff member received a new heavy wool blanket last year before winter set in.

What has the CCRFund accomplished so far?
With the kind support of concerned friends, CCRFund has been able to provide medical and eye exams (for some badly needed glasses), as well as inoculations for the children. A new stainless steel kitchen sink and a new oven have been installed in one of the orphanages which will make cooking for so many hungry mouths easier. CCRFund has also started a soup kitchen which serves the local community of Tbilisi. The kitchen is full on the days it’s open and it costs about $50 each day to serve meals.

What are the CCRFund’s future goals?
The CCRFund looks forward to improving basic sanitation facilities at the orphanages (the toilets are rudimentary and there is no hot running water). The gardening program will begin soon to help provide extra food for those that live at the orphanages. With the support of and its visitors the fund hopes to create a library full of books for all those hungry minds!

Who else supports the CCRFund?
CCRFund isn’t the only organization helping these children. The U.S. Embassy in Georgia has been a constant supporter as well as the outstanding men and women of the U.S. military’s project “Georgia Train and Equip.” On their own time, and with their own money, these Marine, Army and Air Force members visited Dzegvi orphanage and donated 93 pairs of new shoes, blankets, clothing, food and toys! Most importantly they donate their time and their love.

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The CCRFund currently is supporting two orphanages in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia that desperately need help. Read the archive of updates below: